Magazine High School graduates earned a combined potential of $400,000 in scholarships, which were announced during commencemnet exercises laset month.

Scholarships presented were:

FCA scholarship: 250 each to Adison Bennett, Kristin Dubroc and Corina Bradley

Tasseltime: 100 to Adison Bennett

Alumni Scholarship: 250 each Ashlyn LaRue and Jaysi Watson

Missouri Welding Institute Welding Scholarship: $1000 to Ethan Cox, Charles Lewis and Colton Young

Farm Bureau Scholarship: $1000 to Reagan Pickartz

Shelter Insurance: $2000 to Corina Bradley

Allen Standridge Memorial: $500 to Taylor Schulte

Bowden Family Scholarship: $1000 to Sage Smith

Cecil Barrington Tennis Scholarship: $400 each to Reagan Pickartz, Taylor Schulte, Caleb Curtis, Adison Bennett and Courtney Stone; and $600 to Ethan Chenowith

JD & Gladys Leftwich Scholarship: $800 to Joshua Baker

Johnie Wayne & Josette Gipson Memorial Scholarship: $500 to Sailor Moody

Heather Moore Memorial Scholarship: $1000 to Matthew Smith

First Western Bank Scholarship: $1000 to Reagan Pickartz

Masonic Lodge: $500 to Randon Baumgartner

Otto Pleasant “Shorty” Osborne Scholarship $1000 per year to Adison Bennett and Reagan Pickartz

University Scholarships

ATU Presidential Scholarship: $9000 per year to Reagan Pickartz

ATU University Scholarship: $8000 per year to Ethan Chenowith

ATU Academic Scholarship: $2000 per year Sage Smith

ATU Ozark High School to High Wages Scholarship: $500 per semester to Taylor Schulte

ATU Ozark Concurrent Credit Scholarship: $500 one time to Jordan Ross, Taylor Schulte

UAFS Academic Distinction Scholarship of Prestige: $5000 per year to Caleb Curtis

UAFS Academic Excellence Scholarship: $4000 per year to Matthew Smith

Huntington University Scholarship: $7000 to Ashlyn LaRue

The Arkansas Academic Challenge is a four year scholarship that is funded by the lottery. If the student graduates with a 2.5 under the Smart Core curriculum or has a 19 on the ACT, they qualify for the scholarship. The scholarship can be worth $14,000 for students attending a four year university, and $4,000 for students attending a two year university. Qualifying were Joshua Baker, Randon Baumgartner, Adison Bennett, Ethan Chenowith, Caleb Curtis, Kristin Dubroc, Sailor Moody, Jordan Neve, Reagan Pickartz, Jordan Ross, Taylor Schulte, Matthew Smith and Courtney Stone

The Arkansas Future Grant is a grant from the state of Arkansas. The purpose of this grant is to increase the education and skills of Arkansas’s workforce in an affordable manner. The grant applies to students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) or regional high demand areas of study. The grant will cover tuition and fees for qualifying certificate and Associate degree programs at Arkansas’ public institutions for eligible students. An Arkansas Future Grant shall be in an amount equal to the tuition, fees, and other charges incurred by an eligible student less the amount received from state-supported scholarships; federal student financial assistance; and private scholarships. The following students qualify for this grant: Adison Bennett, Keisha Helton, Braylea Mathews, Reagan Pickartz, Matthew Smith

The following scholarship amounts are the total value of the awarded scholarships over four years.

Local and other 1 time Scholarships: $20,250

University Scholarships: $116,500

Arkansas Academic Challenge: $182,000

AR Futures Grant: $80,000

Total scholarship worth: $398,750