We have been preparing this month for the 35th Annual Senior Olympics, that will be held in Ft. Smith on July 27th. We have ten participants that will be competing this year, against 13 area nursing homes in the following events; wheelchair racers, bean bag toss, discus throw, and shot put. This is a very special event and we always have an exciting time. This coming week we will be having the following activities for the week of 26th-1st: Thursday: Men’s barber shop and Fun Buck Store Friday: Concentration game and Dominoes Saturday: Trivia and Cookie Social Sunday: Sunday School and Mt. View Free Will Baptist Monday: Ministry with Brother West and Pie Party game Tuesday: Pretty Nails and Monthly Birthday Party, and Wednesday: Exercise and Adult Coloring. All activities start at 10:30am following afternoon activity at 2:30 pm. We invite you to join us or drop in and say hello.