By Nikki Claiborne, Site Director

Aug 3rd , The Senior Tigers traveled to Van Buren to play against the Whippets. Game 1, The Senior Tigers won 14 to 10. Judy Brown, and Peggy Metcalf are the homerun champs of the game. They both scored two apiece. Game two went to the Senior Tigers as well. The Score was 13 to 8. Naomi Martine, Judy Brown, Charlie Brown, Peggy Metcalf all scored homeruns. Peggy and Charlie are the homerun champs, both scored two apiece. Aug 8th, girls v/s boys bean bag baseball at 10:00

Aug 8th, Get your body a rockin with Drums Alive at 12:30!!!!

Aug 9th, Potluck Bean bag baseball at 5:00. Bring your favorite dish and enjoy great fellowship and great fun!!

Aug 10th,Bingo at 9:45 to 10:45.

Aug 14th, Bingo 9:45 to 10:45 Aug 15th, Girls v/s boys bean bag baseball 10:00

Aug 16th, Bean bag baseball v/s Booneville at Charleston at 10:00

Be sure to check on friends and family during this hot weather, no matter what the age….heat can affect anyone and I repeat….. no matter what the age heat can affect anyone .! Article source from:

FAQ about brain health

What is brain health?

A healthy brain, supported by adequate blood flow, is essential for living a longer and fuller life. Brain health enables thought, planned action and emotional connections that impact the daily lives and progress of individuals, families and communities. A healthy brain is able to:

• pay attention receive and recognize input from our senses

• learn and remember

• communicate

• solve problems and make decisions

• support movement and

• regulate emotions

The advisory from the American Heart Association goes further in defining ideal brain health so that it can be measured, monitored and modified. This is important so that researchers and policy makers can identify whether we are making progress towards lessening the impact of dementia as life expectancy increases and the population ages.

This is the first American Heart Association advisory on measuring important factors supporting brain health. The authors recommend that ideal brain health be measured against the seven metrics – Life’s Simple 7 – that were originally developed by the American Heart Association to define ideal cardiovascular health. Life’s Simple 7 includes 4 ideal health behaviors and three ideal health factors:

• nonsmoking

• physical activity at goal levels

• healthy diet consistent with current guidelines

• weight: body mass index

• untreated blood pressure

• untreated total cholesterol

• and fasting blood glucose

Please know that in the event of severe weather, some activities may be canceled and rescheduled for safety precautions.

Give us a call for more information or contact us on Facebook. I hope to see you this coming week at the Charleston Senior Center… for more information call 479-965-2557.

8. Beef fingers w/gravy

Mash potatoes

Hot Roll

Sautéed carrots

Butterscotch pudding

9. pinto beans w/ham bits

Mixed greens


Sliced onion


Pear cobbler

10. Cheeseburger on bun w/tomato, onion, pickle, lettuce, Baked beans

Potato salad

Apple crumb cake

13. Polish Sausage


Purple hull peas


Slice onion

Peach cobbler

14. Chicken enchilada w/red sauce

Spanish rice

Refried beans



Butterscotch Tart

15. Ham Slice

Roasted Cabbage

w/onion bits

Sw. potato patty


Cinnamon Roll