There will be a groundbreaking ceremony held at on the grounds of the Cecil Methodist Church Saturday, August 18th at 1:00 p.m. The old structure was taken down last week to make way for the new facility.

A ceremony will be conducted which will include the opening of the 110 year old cornerstone, which is a time capsule.

Mr. James. M. Andrews, placed items inside this cornerstone and hopefully has preserved them until they would be opened sometime in the future. Inside the stone we know he placed a Bible, an ear of corn, a gold dollar, a boll of cotton, a mustard seed and possibly other items, which were considered items of faith.

James. M. Andrews was the builder of the Cecil Methodist Church in 1910. Benny Lowrey is the great, great grandson of Mr. Andrews and he along with his brother Marty will be the new builders of the new church. The Lowrey brothers are also members of the Cecil Methodist Church along with many other members of their family.

Pastor Dale Richardson will conduct the ceremony and contractors Benny Lowrey of Lowrey Construction Co. of Cecil will open the cornerstone.

Everyone is invited to attend this historical day.