Makes Arkansas Best State for Public School Teachers

LITTLE ROCK-Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jared Henderson was joined by education leaders and state legislators as he releases his plan to make Arkansas the best place in the country to be a public school teacher.

Henderson was introduced by Dr. David Rainey, career educator and respected education leader in Arkansas. In attendance were also teachers, students, state legislative candidate and retired teacher Monica Ball, Senator Joyce Elliott, and Representative Vivian Flowers.

“Teachers lead the profession that creates all other professions, and for too long they’ve been underpaid, overworked, and unappreciated. My comprehensive plan makes Arkansas the best state in the country to be a public school teacher. Without investing in our teachers, Arkansas’s public schools will continue to be toward the bottom of every national ranking,” Henderson said.

“This plan also focuses on addressing the widespread discrepancies we see in the teaching profession among school districts across the state, ranging from teacher pay to teacher retention and support. If we are going bring high-quality education to every part of Arkansas, it starts with having the best and the brightest in our classrooms, particularly in rural and low-income communities. Over time, more equitable education in Arkansas will also lead to a stronger economy and workforce.”

“When we say we want to invest in public education, we have to mean it. The first two years alone in this plan could be paid for by Asa Hutchinson’s proposed $180 million annual tax cut for the state’s top earners. Investing in our teachers is not a matter of feasibility, it is a matter of priority,” Henderson added.

Henderson’s plan also focuses on supporting students, supporting teachers, and recognizing teachers as the professionals they are.