by Fred Mullen

This past Saturday Franklin and Crawford County responders were requested to the Devil’s Canyon area of Mill Creek along the line separating the counties. A 71 year old male who was on a pleasure ride with friends was kicked by one of the horses resulting in injuries which required medical assistance and a technical evacuation from the scene.

Fire fighters from Pleasant View, Ozark, and Mulberry along with Franklin County EMS responded to the incident when it was paged out at about 11:45 Saturday morning. The OEM Search and Rescue team was requested shortly after and also responded to the area. Franklin County Sheriff’s Department also assisted at this scene.

Responders located the man about an hour later. With the help of civilians who were trail riding in the area the man was delivered to the ambulance about 1.5 hours later. He was flown to an area trauma hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

EMT-P Orla Larsen who provided care to the man said, “We thought his injury was not that serious, we decided to fly him to the hospital since he was going on 4 hours being hurt and the ambulance ride would have been extremely rough for him.” OEM Coordinator Fred Mullen commented that this area is extremely rough terrain and the trail system is confusing. “Folks need to be prepared for trail rides. Take plenty of water, first aid kit, and a well charged cell phone. Let someone know where you are going and the time when to consider you overdue so we can be called in a timely manner to come help you.”