The annual Marietta Reunion will be Saturday, October 13, 2018 at the church located at 2604 Hwy 22 in Charleston. The program will begin at 10:30 followed by a potluck lunch at noon.

Marietta is a historical church. It was first established in the mid 1880’s and was located southeast of Potato Hill. At that time, the church was called Western Star. In 1908-1909 a two-story building was erected on the northeast corners of the intersection of Marietta and Greenwood in Chismville. The name was changed to Marietta and was moved to the present location when the federal government established Camp Chaffee, which is now known of as Fort Chaffee. Marietta is the only known congregation and sanctuary to survive the take over of the 72,000 acres.

The following partial list of family names are among those who were displaced from the Marietta Community. Smithers, Sands, Cormack, Rambo, Foote, Solly, Fitzgerald, Delaney, Ferguson, McCracken, Caton, Norvell, Moore, Rippy, Hamilton, Grubb, Batman, Roose, Smith, Newhart, Neuhart, Gunter, Hewitt, Hewett, VanMeter, Steele, Foster, Burke, Corbel, Jones, Crossland, Riley, Swink, Remy, and Plunkett.

History will be on display to help revive memories and of course make new memories.

Come and meet, greet, and eat. Everyone is welcome.