By Nikki Claiborne, Site Director

Oct 1st, BBBaseball v/s Ozark at Charleston. The Ozark Rebel Rousers drove to this side of Franklin County to play The Charleston Senior Tigers for some BBB. Game 1, The Senior Tigers won 21 to 14. Bob Olds, Mary Bohannan, Judy Brown, and Charlie Brown all made home runs to help clinch the win. Mary Bohannan is the homerun champ of game one with two HRs. Game two, The Charleston Senior Tigers lost 12 to 5. With Bob Olds and Sharon Potts making the only homeruns. Bob Olds is the homerun champ of game two with two HRs.

Oct 5th, The Senior Tigers traveled to Van Buren to Play some BBB against the Whippets. Game one, The Senior Tigers Unloaded on the Whippets scoring 16 to 0. Alice Goff, Peggy Metcalf, Judy Brown, and Charlie Brown all made HRs. The all are the Homerun champ of game one with one a piece. Game two, The Whippets, whipped the Senior Tigers winning 10 to 9. Mary Bohannan, Charlie Brown, and Charles Bohannan all made HRs. They are all homerun champs with one a piece. Way to go Charleston Senior Tigers!!!! I’m SO proud of how you represent our center and town!!!

Oct 17th, BBB practice 11:15, Tabletop activities, Drums alive 12:30

Oct 18th, Tabletop Activities, BBBaseball v/s Booneville at Booneville leave at 9:00.

Oct 19th, Bingo 9:45 to 10:45, Tabletop activities, BBBaseball practice 11:15

Oct 19th, The Charleston Senior Center will have a caregiver support meeting on Oct 19th, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.. If you are a caregiver(any age) of an adult 60 years and older please come join us. This information could be extremely helpful to you. The topic will be on Information for the caregiver about Falls and Home Safety, presented by Kristi Cowell. If you need more information please feel free to call Nikki Claiborne at 479-965-2557 Hope to see you there! Refreshments will be served.

Caregiver meetings allow the Charleston Senior Center to gather some extra needed funding. The more meetings and caregivers we have enables us to get that funding for the year. Call for more information on caregiver meetings.

Oct 22nd, Tabletop activities, BBBaseball v/s Mulberry at Mulberry leave at 8:45

Oct 23rd, Table top activities, Bingo 9:45 to 10:45, BBBaseball practice at 11:15

Oct 24th, Tabletop activities, BBBaseball v/s Alma at Alma leave at 9:00.

Flu season is near. I have heard that there has been a few reported cases of the flu already. Please remember to wash your hands often. Remember that Seniors have a lower immune system than someone in their 20’s and it is much harder for them to recover. Please take extra precautions to protect your loved ones!!!

Please know that in the event of severe weather, some activities may be canceled and rescheduled for safety precautions.

Give us a call for more information or contact us on Facebook. I hope to see you this coming week at the Charleston Senior Center… for more information call 479-965-2557.

October 17.


Scalloped potatoes

English Peas


Tossed salad

Mousse w/fruit

October 18.

Steak Fingers

Mash potatoes


Green beans

Hot roll

Apple Turnover

October 19.

Chicken n


Fried okra



Jell-O w fruit

October 22.


Noodle soup

Pimento cheese



Slice onion

Cookie and fruit

October 23.



Sausage patty

Hash brown




October 24.

*** Chicken

fried steak w/


Mash potatoes

Green beans

Hot roll

Buttermilk pie