Parkinson's Disease Support Group

A good group in attendance at the Parkinson's Disease Support Group meeting October 10 at the McGee Center. Each person received a printer report of the September 12 meeting where Wendy Rae spoke to the group about the benefits of massage therapy and aroma therapy with a Reiki Touch.

Special guest speakers were Barbara and David Hogg from El Dorado. Mrs. Hogg is a 26-year Parkinson's Disease patient, a retired nurse and nurse educator having taught ten years at the South Arkansas Community College in El Dorado.

Mrs. Hogg had the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery six years ago. During the six-hour surgery, a stimulator was implanted under her collarbone and electrodes were implanted in the brain to negate the tremors. She had to stay awake during the surgery in order to answer questions and follow directions.

She told the group that PD is known as the "customized" disease since it is different for each person. She discussed rock steady boxing and how it benefits her. Those present learned there is a rock steady boxing group in Sherwood.

Mr. Hogg shared his experience from a caregiver's standpoint. He told the group how Mrs. Hogg has improved so much since the DBS surgery. He explained that they stay busy and work at doing better with her PD. He stated that since the surgery, she has become a writer and an artist. She has written a book, "God, Golf and Parkinson's" and they gave each person a copy.

Her paintings have been displayed in various locations around the country and enjoyed by many people.

Mr. Hogg announced that they attended the 2016 World Parkinson's Congress in Portland, Oregon and are making plans to attend the World Parkinson's Congress in June 2019 in Japan.

Mr. and Mrs. Hogg agreed there are three things a PD patient needs:

A positive attitude
Good doctors
Regular exercise

Mrs. Hogg received a John 3:16 bracelet and Mr. Hogg, a jar of Muscadine jelly as tokens of appreciation.

The refreshment table was covered with an orange cloth and centered with a fall arrangement of orange, gold, and yellow sunflowers in a pumpkin.

Ritz and cheese, pretzels, potato chips, party mix and sugar cookies were served. Nana's Brownies, made from the recipe in the Apil 2018 issue of WINC. Magazine were also served.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, November 14 at 1:30 p.m. at the McGee Center in West Conway. All interested persons are welcome to attend. For more information, call 51-329-6282 or 501-246-1972.