Mrs. Pam Fenter Widders recently presented Mrs. Kelsey Noble, Mr. Bruce Womack, and Charleston second grade students with the Guy and Shelby Fenter Endowment for Innovative Teaching award. The $1,000 award will fund 2nd grade STEM projects this year. Students will also have many opportunities to read, write, and share their learning experiences.

Guy and Shelby Fenter are very well known for their devotion of more than 50 years of service to the advancement of education. They were very proud grandparents of several grandchildren and great grandchildren. They had two daughters, Pam Widders and Ginger Fenter, and one son, Glen.

The family graciously endowed a fund in recognition of the Fenters’ commitment to education and in honor of the role they played in the lives of their children and grandchildren. The endowment provides an annual $1,000 award to a teacher in the Charleston School District for innovations in the classroom. The Arkansas Community Foundation is the custodian of the Fenter Endowment.

The Charleston School District extends its appreciation to the Fenter family; we honor the family’s desire to “carry on a legacy.” The legacy continues on not only through the Fenter family’s work, but also through their devotion to support the endeavors of Charleston students and teac