By Nikki Claiborne, Site Director

With the cold weather upon us, many seniors do not get out and about. Please check on your elder neighbors to make sure that they have heat, food, and water. Jan 17th, The Charleston Senior Tigers headed to Booneville Senior Center to play the Rockin Rockers some bean bag baseball. Game 1, The Senior Tigers won 14 to 6. Sharon Potts is the homerun champ of game 1, she scored 1. Game 2, The Senior Tigers won 20 to 19. Mary Bohannan, Sharon Potts, Peggy Metcalf, Ann Rogers, Charles Bohannan all made homeruns. Peggy Metcalf is the homerun champ…. Peggy played awesome and scored 4 homeruns in a row. Way to go Peggy!!!

Jan 23rd , Jasmine Henry from Area on Aging Agency conducted the Peppi exercise. PEPPI stands for Peer Exercise Program Promotes Independence

PEPPI is a physical activity program that is designed especially for older adults. It is safe for most people.

You will do stretching, strength training, balance and walking.

It is appropriate for inactive older adults, beginners, intermediates, those with chronic diseases or conditions, and people who use walkers, canes or wheelchairs.

Physical activity helps reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, aids in the management or chronic disease, and improves the ability to function and stay independent.

You also should be able to meet new people, sleep better, feel more relaxed, have more fun and more energy, move with fewer aches and pains, and have better posture, balance and stronger muscles and bones.

PEPPI is based upon research and has been helping older adults since 2004.

Jan 23rd, BBBaseball Girls v/s the boys at 10:30. Come cheer on your favorites!!!

Jan 24rd, Peppi Exercise with Jasmine and Kinziee at 12:30

Jan 25th, Bingo at 9:45 to 10:45

Jan 28th ,BBBaseball at Mulberry at 9:45. Leave here at 8:45

Jan 29th, Bingo 9:45 to 10:45

Jan 30th, BBBaseball v/s Alma Here at 9:45

Jan 30th, Peppi Exercise with Jasmine and Kinziee at 12:30

FLU SEASON…. Please remember to WASH, WASH, WASH your hands often. Remember that Seniors have a lower immune system than someone in their 20’s and it is much harder for them to recover. Please take extra precautions to protect your loved ones!!!

Please know that in the event of severe weather, some activities may be canceled and rescheduled for safety precautions.

Give us a call for more information or contact us on Facebook. I hope to see you this coming week at the Charleston Senior Center… for more information call 479-965-2557.

23.Chicken fried steak

w/ gravy

Mash potatoes

Green beans

Hot roll

Buttermilk pie

24.Pinto beans

w/ham bits

Oven fried tators



Slice onion

Peach cobbler

25. Cheeseburger on

bun w/lettuce, onion,


Baked beans

Potato salad


28. ***Chicken

w/ Noodles

Steamed broccoli

Sliced bread



29.Great Northern beans

Oven fried tators

Mixed greens


Sliced onion

Peach cobbler

30. Swiss steak w/

onion, Mushrooms,

bell pepper

Mash tators w/gr

English Peas

Hot Roll

Chocolate cake with

Chocolate icing.