By Connie Las Schneider

Four Appropriation Ordinances were passed unanimously during a short Quorum Court meeting in Charleston Thursday. Justices also discussed alternative county employee health coverage but agreed to wait until later in the year to consider changing to different employee health insurance.

Franklin County Judge Rickey Bowman told Justices that he was considering putting solar panels in the new County Jail to reduce utility costs and said he has asked the building’s architect to do a feasibility study.

All Justices were present.

Ordinance 2019-9 appropriated $1,000 in line-item adjustments for grant funds received for “Stop the Bleed” training for county employees.

Ordinance 2019-10 appropriated $5,715 to cover 2019 payments for a $35,000 loan with Bank OZK to fund a roof replacement on the District Court building.

Ordinance 2019-11 approved carry-over corrections for 2019.

Ordinance 2019-12 appropriated $35,000 not budgeted in 2019 for the state grant portion of funds to construct the new county Health Department building.

“This is a wash because it’s a reimbursable grant,” said Bowman who noted the Ordinance was needed because of an oversight in the original 2019 budget.

The next Quorum Court meeting is in Ozark at 7 pm on April 11.