By Nikki Claiborne, Site Director

Please remember to check on your neighbors with the temperatures getting so high!!

Aug 15 th , Patty Clark from UAMS came to the Charleston Senior Center to give a Caregiver Meeting on Pain Relief. She talked about alternative methods of pain control. Here are a few methods she discussed:

1. Acupuncture

2. Aromatherapy

3. Exercise.

Did you know that exercise induces release of endorphins, which help decrease our perception of pain? Endorphins can also act as a sedative that can help relax the body.

Aug 15 th , The Booneville Senior baseball team traveled down the mountain to play some bean bag baseball. Game 1, The Senior Tigers won 13 to 6. Betty Ayers, Bob Olds, Alice Goff, Peggy Metcalf all made homeruns. Betty Ayers is the homerun champ of game one with two HR! Game two, The Senior Tigers won 18 to 13.

Sharon Potts, Mary Bohannan, Bob Olds, Alice Goff, and Charles Bohannan all made homeruns. Bob Olds is the homerun champ. He made an amazing 3 HR in a row!! Way to go Senior Tigers!!!!

Aug 22 nd BBBaseball v/s Alma at Alma. Leave at 8:45

Aug 23 rd , Bingo 10:30 to 11:30

Aug 26 th , BBBaseball v/s Mulberry at Charleston 9:45

Aug 26 th , Teri Dictson will provide a informational speech on the 2020 Census at 11:30.

Aug 27 th , Bingo 10:30 to 11:30

Aug 28 th , Boardmeeting at Ozark at noon. Opened to the Public.

Table top activities, BB Baseball practice every day.

Please know that in the event of severe weather, some activities may be canceled and rescheduled for safety precautions.

Give us a call for more information or contact us on Facebook.

I hope to see you this coming week at the Charleston Senior Center… for more information call 479-965-2557.

14. Taco Salad with

lettuce, tomato,

onions, salsa,

Nacho chips

Refried beans

Pear slices

15. Swiss steak w/

mushroom and

onion gravy

Green beans

Hot roll

Buttermilk pie

16. Chili dog on bun

Pickle relish

Diced onions, shredded


Whole kernel Corn



19. Chicken and fried


w/ broccoli, carrots,

peas, corn

slice bread

fruit cookie

20. Polish Sausage and


Black-eyed peas



21. Chicken fried steak

Mash tators w/gravy

Green beans

Hot Roll

Banana Pudding