By Nikki Claiborne, Site Director

Sept 4 th , The Senior Tigers traveled to the other side of the river to play some bean bag baseball. Game 1, The Senior Tigers won 13 to 6. Peggy Metcalf and Secret weapon Charles Bohannan all made homeruns. Charles is the homerun

champ for game 1, he made two. Game two The Senior Tigers won 21 to 20.

Wayne Ayers, Mary Bohannan, Peggy Metcalf, and Judy Brown all made homeruns. Peggy Metcalf is the homerun champ with two. Way to go Senior Tigers!!

Sept 11 th , Free Blood Pressure Clinic 10:00 to 12:00 w/ Nurse Kellie

Sept 12 th , Wheel of Fortune w/ Mercy Crest at Charleston at 11:00. Winners will receive prizes.

Sept. 13, Bingo 10:30 to 11:30

Sept 17 th , bingo 10:30 to 11:30

Sept 18 th , Art class with Naomi 9:30 to 10:30

Table top activities, BB Baseball practice every day and quilting.

Are you suffering from Sinus congestion , Tid bit on Ragweed Allergy: If your allergies flare up in the late summer or early fall, you’re probably allergic to ragweed. It’s the most common trigger for hay fever. About 1 out of 5 people get a reaction to it.

Ragweed Facts

Ragweed causes symptoms like stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. It can also trigger asthma flares.

People who have ragweed allergies are reacting to its pollen. During ragweed season, one plant can release a billion grains of it into the air. Ragweed is worse when nights are cool and days are warm and dry. Its season usually starts in early August and ends in mid-October. Some researchers think climate change may be extending that season.

What Is a Ragweed Allergy? Ragweed plants are soft-stemmed weeds that grow all over the United States. There are at least 17 species of ragweed that grow in North America. The plants are most often found in rural areas and open spaces that get plenty of sunlight. Between the late spring and fall months, ragweed plants release tiny grains of pollen in order to fertilize other ragweed plants.

Depending on the location, ragweed may begin spreading its pollen as early as the last week of July and continue into the middle of October. Its wind- driven pollen can travel hundreds of miles and survive through a mild winter.

Ragweed pollen is one of the most common causes of seasonal allergies in the United States. Many people have an adverse immune response when they breathe in the pollen. Normally, the immune system defends the body against harmful invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, to ward off illnesses.

In people with ragweed allergies, the immune system mistakes ragweed pollen as a dangerous substance. This causes the immune system to produce chemicals that fight against the pollen, even though it’s harmless. The reaction leads to a variety of irritating symptoms, such as sneezing, running nose, and itchy eyes.

Approximately 26 percent of Americans have a ragweed allergy. The allergy is unlikely to go away once it has developed. However, symptoms can be treated with medications and allergy shots. Making certain lifestyle changes may also help relieve the symptoms associated with ragweed allergies.

What Are the Symptoms of a Ragweed Allergy?

Your symptoms may vary at different times of the year, depending on where you live and the weather. However, the most common ragweed allergy symptoms include:

 itchy, watery eyes

 scratchy throat

 runny nose or congestion

 coughing or wheezing

 sinus pressure, which may cause facial pain

 swollen, bluish-colored skin beneath the eyes

 decreased sense of smell or taste

 poor sleep quality

Please know that in the event of severe weather, some activities may be canceled and rescheduled for safety precautions.

Give us a call for more information or contact us on Facebook.

I hope to see you this coming week at the Charleston Senior Center… for more information call 479-965-2557.

11 Beef Mexican


Green Beans

Slice Bread

Jello W/fruit

12. Chicken taco

salad w/lettuce,

tomato, onion, salsa,

nacho chips, red chili


Fruit Danish

13. Salami Hoagie


Cole slaw

Fruit Cookie

16. Chicken n



Slice bread

Fruit n cookie

17. Scrambled Eggs

Hash browns

Sausage, biscuits



18. Smothered

Chicken w/ bacon,

onions and shredded


Steamed cabbage

Slice bread

Yellow cake with fruit