Here at Acorns to Oaks Academy, we are very thankful during this holiday season. We have been learning this week how the pilgrims and Indians shared food at the very 1st Thanksgiving, so we gathered food to share with our local food bank.

We also asked our preschool students to share some things they are especially thankful for. We hope you enjoy reading about our many blessings!

Jake Smith- firefighters, fire stations, mom and dad, Papa Ray and firetrucks.

Anna Burt- my family, good medicine, my class at school, Chick-fil-A, and my home.

Edison Leonard- dinosaurs, meatballs, Nonny and Pop, mommy and daddy, Maddox

Cora Willbanks- trips with my mommy, cowboy movies with daddy, unicorns, my school and Mrs. Sharon

Rhyder Buckner- mommy and daddy, my hover board, all of my family, my Bubba and Mrs. Honey.

Mila Depper- my Memaw, my Nana, my toys, my backpack, and my mom and dad.

Rowdy Merechka- The park, my mommy and my family, chicken nuggets, and helping Liam go to his school.

Kenadi Bowen- Belle, mommy and daddy, chicken noodles, sissy, and talking to my friends at school.

Bryar Martin- Christmas, princesses, horses, the sky, mommy and daddy.

Hadley Yarberry- cheese, elephants, the park, the barbies at school, my backpack.

Aubrey Booher- peanut butter and jelly, sushi, my family, the kitchen center at school, and my friends Hadley, Sara and Kenadi.

Sara Moore- the water park, Minnie mouse, my mommy and daddy, my puppies and my Nana

Case Roberds- Pizza Parlour, Chase on paw patrol, mommy daddy, sissy, crayons and my trampoline

Gatlin Depper- the letter B, my cowboy belt, brown horses, ropes, mommy and daddy

Ivy Barnett- meatballs and chicken, my monster truck, mommy and daddy, the pizza place and Rowdy

Elijah Hampton- apples, fruit, crayons, my brother Isaac, McDonald and Books

Caroline Brown- Chuck E Cheese, broccoli, my family, the Kitchen center at school, and Rhyder

Landry Needham-Rhett, my mommy, my baby dolls, Elsa and Anna, popcorn

Kolton Wilson- pizza, squirt bubble gum, Colby and Cooper, coloring at school, mom and dad

Kora Kirchner- my swingset, Daddy, Rocky, McDonalds, hamburgers and fries