OZARK – State Representative Sarah Capp is seeking the open seat for State District Court Judge, District 7, which includes Franklin and Johnson Counties. Today, in a special message to constituents of Franklin and Johnson Counties, she is calling attention to millions of dollars in uncollected misdemeanor warrants, vowing to “find a solution to this problem and make it a priority” as Judge. Her message is as follows:


Thank you for following me and my vision for the open seat for State District Court Judge, District 7. Officially, there are four people in this race, but you will only hear me talk about my candidacy, my credentials, my passion, and my work ethic between now and March 3, 2020.

This is an important race for a critical position. This individual will hear thousands of criminal and civil cases, and with the transition to a State Court, there will be jurisdiction over cases never before heard in our local courts.

I’ve spent a lot of time, research, and thought about the future of this position, and I am confident that I have the experience and skillset necessary for this transition. Below is an example of the research I’ve already begun.

The following uncollected misdemeanor warrants currently remain:

We can and must do better than this. As Judge, I will find a better solution to this problem and make it a priority.

Clarksville: $2,806,960.16

Coal Hill: $ 107,324,49

Lamar: $ 377,165.00

Ozark: $ 680,147.73

Altus: $ 151,939.00

Charleston: $ 181,161.53

A vote for Sarah Capp is a vote for new ideas, innovative approaches, and alternative options, with a focus on solutions, reducing costs, and improving outcomes. Over the next few months, I plan to share more of these principles with you, and I look forward to hearing your ideas and your concerns so that we can address those together.