On December 8, 2019, Judge Bill Pearson and his family delivered a Christmas donation to the Needy Paws Animal Shelter in Clarksville. Per Andrea Pearson, Judge Pearson’s wife of thirty-eight years, supporting their local shelter is important to the family and their beloved pup, Marvin.

“We are animal lovers,” Pearson said. “We appreciate how hard our shelter works to find good homes for dogs and cats. They really care!”

Bill and Andrea Pearson are long-time residents of Johnson County. Bill is currently running for re-election as Circuit Judge, Division One of the 5th Judicial District.

Needy Paws is located at 1040 East Main Street in Clarksville and can be reached at (479) 754-4200. A donation button is also available on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/needypawsanimalshelter.