County Line Judged Silver Medal School

US News ranked the top Arkansas high schools recently, and County Line received a Silver Medal, coming in #15 on its list of top Arkansas public high schools and ranking #1920 in the country. Haas Hall in Fayetteville was ranked first, followed by Bentonville High School and Rogers Heritage High School. Area schools in the top 25 were #12 Scranton, #23 Paris, and #24 Clarksville.

There were four categories that were used for rankings. The first was student/teacher ratio. County Line has a 12:1 average, which is close to the state average. The second was College Readiness. The percentage of seniors taking AP tests and scoring proficient on AP tests was averaged. County Line had 27% of their seniors taking AP tests with a 16% pass rate. The other two categories were Geometry and Literacy End of Course test average. County Line’s geometry proficiency average was 85% and their literacy proficiency average was 77%.

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