Former Franklin County Judge Joe Powell is back again in county government.

Powell resigned over 90 days ago in order to meet requirements for his state pension and the quorum court appointed his wife, Janet, as his replacement.

Judge Janet Powell opened Thursday’s quorum Court meeting by announcing the appointment of her husband as part-time administrative assistant. After all, he has 37 years of experience in County government, she said.

Joe Powell will be eligible to run again for county judge again next year. When asked after the meeting if he would do so, he said he is considering it but hasn’t made a final decision.

Cheryl Warden was announced as the judge’s other new part-time administrative assistant.

Courthouse repairs

Justice David Hewitt told the court that between $100,000 and $200,000 is needed for Charleston courthouse repairs.

Hewitt, one of two Charleston area justices on the nine-member Court, suggested the county apply for a grant to pay for the needed repairs. Joe Powell suggested using Western Arkansas Planning and Development District to help with the grant application.

Justice Chad Haberer of Ozark asked who would pay the architect’s fees. No answer was given other than WAPDD would be consulted on the matter.

County Treasurer Shelly Wilson pointed but that repairs are also needed at the Ozark courthouse.

Sheriff’s department

Justices approved a $33,000 contract for health care services for prisoners with Arkansas Correctional Health.

The court also approved amending an ordinance figure of $17,000 to $25,871 in order to purchase a new police interceptor vehicle for the sheriffs department.

Chief Deputy Devin Bramlett said Ozark Ford had agreed to let the sheriff have it at the state contract price.

Bramlett also said a proposed grant for the department had been turned down but emphasized he will try again.

Resolutions, ordinances

Justices passed a resolution naming Ann Barham of Ozark as a replacement for the late L.G. Foster on the county equalization board.

A resolution of opposition to the White River and its watershed serving as the Second National Blueway was withdrawn at the request of the sponsor.

Approval was given for a $10,632 grant from the secretary of state’s office to be used for the county voting system.

Grant funds of $28,485 from the state aeronautics department were approved for use at the Ozark-Franklin County Airport.

All justices were present except Rusty Cagle of Ozark.