It began with a prayer. Then came a knock on the door. It ended with the hunt of a lifetime for 6-year old Malachi Davis. Malachi, who has Down Syndrome, is a first grade student at Charleston Elementary School. On Saturday, the first day of the Arkansas Youth Hunt, Malachi took a 21-point giant buck with a spread of 21 ¾ inches.

Malachi’s dad, Eddie Davis said he had been praying that he would be able to find a place to take Malachi hunting during Arkansas’ youth hunt.

The prayer was answered a couple of months ago with a knock on the door that came from Heath Rainwater who wanted to help Malachi on his first deer hunt.

After scouting several areas, Heath settled on a place to go on opening morning just hoping that Malachi would get a deer. During Heath’s scouting he had never seen the huge buck. "I had no idea he was even in the area," Heath said. "That was God at work."

The monster showed up just before 7:15. Malachi, who was nervous, but not nearly as nervous as his dad, fired one shot with a 243 and the rest is history.

Word traveled quickly. Brian Sevier, with Buckskins Taxidermy, is mounting the deer for free. The buck has already been entered in the A to Z big buck contest and may be entered in the Big Buck Classic in Little Rock after the close of this year’s deer season.

Malachi doesn’t say many words, but "my buck," is now among them. It was a Godsend, Eddie Davis said.