On Saturday, October 12, 2013, the Twenty-first Annual Marietta Reunion was held. Folks, laden with many dishes filled with delicious food, began arriving around 10:00. Around 10:20 Delbert Ervin began the program with the Invocation, followed by a warm welcome by Pastor Vondal Davenport. In his remarks, he noted that Mrs. Dorothy (Rambo) Newhart, Marietta’s oldest member, was in attendance. Those in attendance gave her a warm welcome. He also noted, regretfully, that Mrs. Marie (VanMeter) Aldridge, next oldest member, who is also a resident of Greenhurst Nursing Facility, was unable to be in attendance.

Peggy Hammond led the attendees in a congregational hymn, accompanied by Tim Aldridge, pianist. Next on the program were The Davenport Family Singers, consisting of Carla Wise, Christy Smithson, and Vondal Davenport, accompanied by Aletta Davenport, pianist, who sang for the group.

Mary Belle Ervin gave the history of the beautiful song "Precious Lord, Take My Hand." It was written by Tommy Dorsey in 1932 following the deaths of his wife and infant son.

Tim Aldridge, soloist, then performed a beautiful rendition of the hymn. The Blue Grass Thoroughbreds, James and Marcie Malicote and Justin and Marcie Kay Newhart, were the final performers, and as usual, their performances were immensely enjoyed by all in attendance. Ms. Hautene Beech gave the Blessing of the meal and the Benediction.

A bounteous and delicious dinner was enjoyed by all in attendance, following which they reminisced with each other and viewed the history exhibit, which is set up annually. Much of the information is about the Marietta Community prior to 1941, when it was located in what is now known as Fort Chaffee. To several of the older attendees that area is known as "The Promised Land," because the home owners whose property was taken by the Federal Government in 1941 were told by the agents representing the government that when the war (WW II) ended the former owners would be able to get their land back.

Those attending were: Hester Grubb, Wanda Robertson, Brandon Ruth, Tim Aldridge, Justin, Marcie Kay and Adeline Newhart, Carl and Ann Haney, David and Pat Hewitt, James and Marcie Mallcote, Peggy Hammond, Bettye King, Jacob and DeShea Bates, Dorothy Newhart, Billie Shelby, Jerry Sharpe and daughter, Beth, and Delbert and Mary Belle Ervin, all of Charleston; Hautene Beach, Bob Newbold, Evelyn Kasworm, and Foster Godwin, all of Fort Smith; Mary Williams, Terral Jones and Theral Jones, from Greenwood; Vondal and Aletta Davenport, from Lavaca; Carla, Maegan and Hannah Wise, and Steve and Christy Smithson from Ratcliff, Jim H. and Rosalie Delaney Little from Jefferson City, MO.