An Open Air Memorial To The Veterans Of All Wars

While in office, former Arkansas State Representative John Verkamp felt that the Charleston Courthouse lawn needed a large memorial to our veterans and a gazebo or platform for speeches and performances. According to Verkamp, the structure was fittingly first used as a speech platform this past Veterans Day after the first Veterans Day Parade for Charleston.

The memorial will have installed on its back wall a large plaque stating that it stands as a memorial for the veterans of all wars. In 2001 and again in 2005, former Representative John Verkamp obtained legislative general improvement funding to fund the project. Approximately $40,000.00 in total was awarded by the State General Assembly. In addition to the construction of the structure, funds were used to provide additional water lines and additional electric circuits for use on the Courthouse lawn. Also, the funds were used to construct sidewalks and provide landscaping to help enhance the memorial and its importance as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our veterans.

Franklin County Justice of the Peace, Lacey Neissl Clark submitted for a $2500 grant to the Walton Family Foundations to help with landscaping at the new gazebo in Charleston. The grant was awarded. The Walton Family Foundations is a nonprofit organization focused on sustaining the Walton’s timeless small-town values and their deep commitment to making life better for individuals and communities alike.