Stubblefield to Seek Re-election to Senate

State Sen. Gary Stubblefield, R-Branch, has announced he will seek reelection to the Arkansas State Senate in District 6. Senate District 6 includes parts of Franklin and Johnson and all of Logan and Yell counties.

Following a term in the Arkansas House of Representatives, Stubblefield was elected to a two-year term in the Arkansas Senate in November of 2012. Sen. Stubblefield campaigned on a platform of protecting the rights of the unborn, protecting the rights of those involved in agriculture, protecting Second Amendment rights, good government, lower taxes, and fewer regulations.

"I told the voters in 2012 I wanted to see the government off of their backs and out of their pockets," Stubblefield said. "I think I was pretty successful in accomplishing that over the last two years."

A life-long dairy farmer from Branch, Stubblefield and his wife Kathi raised their their two children to understand the value of keeping one’s word, a hard day’s work, and respecting the rights of others.

"Protecting the rights of the unborn and the elderly was something I promised the folks of this district and we made a good start on that last year," Stubblefield said. "It is time now to build on our successes."

While attending the University of Arkansas, Stubblefield enjoyed a successful career as a member of the Arkansas Razorback football team despite beginning as a walk-on from a high school which did not offer football.

"From early on, challenges were a part of my life," Stubblefield said. "Walking-on and making the football team at a major university such as the U of A was just another challenge I wanted to tackle. Friends I made during that experience, and the lessons I learned, have turned out to be life-long. Sometimes I am surprised at the similarities between serving as a member of the legislature and my career as a Razorback."

Currently, Sen. Stubblefield is a member of the Arkansas Legislative Council, Joint Budget Committee, Joint Audit Committee where he serves as Senate Chairman of the State Agencies Subcommittee, Joint Energy, and a variety of additional subcommittees.

In the 2012 session, Sen. Stubblefield sponsored and passed a variety of bills related to protecting the rights of unborn children, tax relief for farmers, protecting the rights of farmers against unlawful entry and seizure of their livestock, protecting the sanctity of our voting processes, providing additional funding to Senior Citizen Centers and a variety of school programs, as well as voting against government growth programs such as the Private Option.

"I promised the citizens in District 6 I would look out for their interests. I believe my record provides proof I kept my promises," Stubblefield said. "If reelected to serve the citizens of Senate District 6, I intend to continue to serve just a I have - keeping my promises."