Longtime Charleston teacher, Mary Belle Ervin was recently presented with the first Old Main pen as a small gift of appreciation for all she has done for our community.

The pen was made by Dale Berry of Chucktown Pens, using wood from the flooring planks from the Charleston High School Old Main building that was torn down to build the new Charleston Middle School. The pen was placed with the Old Main artifacts in the Belle Museum so it can be shared with others.

Mrs. Ervin is an inspiration to multiple generations, and has been the cornerstone that many have built their life upon, either through education, or life lessons, Dale said. There are very few people in this community that she hasn’t touched their life in one way or another, he added. "Thank you Mrs. Ervin for the love and dedication, and for all that you continue to do, for Charleston would not be what it is today without you."

Chucktown Pens presented Delbert Ervin with a pen, for all his many years of dedication and support to our community. That pen was made from the Burr Oak tree from the elementary playground that succumbed to the weather during this past spring. "Mr. and Mrs. Ervin have given much time, talent and hard work to the betterment of this area and to the preservation of the areas history."

Dale also presented a pen to longtime Charleston Elementary Principal, Carl Underwood, saying that, "the values he has placed in our community will be shared by countless generations to come. Thank you Mr. Underwood for your dedication to the youth in this community, and the moral excellence you have bestowed.