How shall we teach our children?

What seeds can best be sown

Within their fertile little minds

To guide them till they’re grown?

We can quote the Ten Commandments

And tell them to be good…

Obey and love thy parents

Because it’s right they should.

We can tell them not to lie or cheat…

That stealing is a sin,

Fighting isn’t civilized

No matter who may win.

We can hope they won’t be prejudiced

Toward any race or creed

And never turn

On any fellowman in need.

We can pray they will be strong enough

To keep their standards high…

Not relax their principles

Or let their morals die.

But even as we do our best

To teach them all these things

Are we aware the rich rewards

A good example brings?

Let’s not forget it’s how we act

And how we live each day

That will be rooted in their minds

Much more than what we say:

By Alice E. Chase