It is hard to believe that it has been fifty years since a Black Monster came over the hill surrounding Greenwood. It was because of the hills that I never worried about a tornado. I was told from a time I was a child that a tornado didn’t come over a hill. I never gave it a thought although I knew better. It just wasn’t one of my worries. I was never afraid of storms. Then on April 19, 1968 my thoughts and fears changed forever. Now I know they do come over a hill and they do leave behind death and destruction. It was the day I no longer felt safe in the town I loved or what was left of it. Everywhere you looked there was desolation. I begged Frank to move. I told him Greenwood would just become a ghost town as things never seem to change. How I underestimated the Good People of Greenwood. I should have known better because it seemed to me people began to pull together as soon as the wind stopped blowing. Every where you looked you could see people hugging one another. People you would never think about hugging. Love came down with the wind. I heard so many people from out of town say, “God sure had it in for Greenwood.” No, that is not true. God was watching over Greenwood. It could have been so much worse. I am so proud of the people past and present who had a vision for Greenwood. It didn’t take me long to change my mind and know that Greenwood would not be a ghost town. Each time I drive into Greenwood I feel such a sense of pride. Where there was once destruction there is now beauty. The town square, the baskets of flowers on the light poles in the summer, the flags announcing to all who pass through town that the residents of Greenwood are proud of their city and proud to be Americans. The school system is something to be proud of. So much has changed in fifty years since that Black Monster raised its ugly head trying to wipe the sleepy little town of Greenwood off the map. Today it is a beautiful growing small City. A place where many have chosen to raise their families. Greenwood truly is a “GOOD PLACE TO LIVE.”