No longer just for kids, coloring is all the rage for adults too. Women of all ages are seeing their stress and worries fade, their imaginations burst to life when they take time to design and color art activity pages.

So, turn off your cell phone, kick off your heels, and get your color on with engaging patterns found in color books. There is no right or wrong way - it’s all up to you.

Coloring is a great way for busy women to slow down for a few minutes, relax, and feel more focused and refreshed.

Try it yourself! Set aside distractions, get out some colored pencils, and dive into this soothing activity.

That’s exactly what I did when I was in Rehab in Barling. I found coloring very relaxing and enjoyable.

Ada Spearman, a resident in Pink Bud Nursing Home in Greenwood, was coloring long before it recently became popular for old folks.

I visited with Ada back when my mother was resident in Pink Bud. Ada liked color books. I asked her is she would color one for me. ” Sure,” she said. I took her a color book and box of crayolas and told her to…”Enjoy and take her time.”

When I picked it up I asked Ada is she signed it. “No,” she replied. “Should I?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied all great artists sign their works.”

Ada is gone now, leaving with almost 100 years to her credit, and me with good memories and her talent as an artist…proof that coloring is no longer just for kids and can be a fun activity for any age.