I wish I’d known more about being a caregiver for my mother. Some days we both stayed in a state of confusion while coping through each day.

What does it mean when you are labeled as a caregiver? Especially an Alzheimer’s disease caregiver. Despair comes to my mind.

I didn’t hear the word…Alzheimer’s, back in the 80’s. It was dementia which was the early stage.

There’s much more offered now for caregivers caring for older folks. There’s suggestions for music activities, games, exercises and reminiscence groups. Even techniques for talking and communicating with confused adult who is suffering with dementia like my mother.

We know that Alzheimer’s affects different levels and generations of families when it strikes so it’s appropriate that the whole family becomes involved in the care giving process, learning as much about this dreaded disease as we can.

I’ve tried to keep “good” memories of my mother of the times I was her caregiver. One incident that just flashed through my mind…and it puts a smile on my face…

One day things got very quiet in the kitchen.

“What you doing, Mama?” I asked

“Nothing,” she replied.

I peeped in and there she stood with the jar of peanut butter in her hands, scooping it out with her finger and wiping her finger on her apron.

Mama could be entertaining at time and she never let my scolding bother her one bit.