Monday night, May 21, thanks to my sister, Jane, I got to attend the South Sebastian Historical Society meeting. I have reached the point of my life where I don’t like being out at night by myself. My sister is my salvation when it comes to going places. The program for the evening was about the Cubans at Chaffee given by Judge Jim Spears. But the highlight of the evening for me was when the Greenwood Democrat’s own Dustin Graham presented to the Historical Society large pictures of the destruction of Greenwood when that big black monster called a tornado destroyed most of the town. These pictures will be put into the Old Jail Museum. Much to my surprise Dustin presented me with an eighteen by twenty four picture of me standing by a big pile of what was once our house. I was looking at a book. I was not aware of having my picture made. Although I had seen the picture many, many times this morning was the first time I have ever really looked at it. I was dressed in slacks and a shirt both too big for me plus a pair of men’s slip on shoes. I was thankful to get them from the clothes brought to the school on the day of the storm. I had on a dress that shrunk when it got wet plus a pair of shoes that were not made for picking up after the storm. Not that I did much picking up. I was told that I just picked up something, looked at it then put it back down. I truly was thankful for the clothes I had on. In the picture I can see a big pile of debris. I can see a tree trunk, flooring, and part of the roof piled one on top of the other. I can see curtains still on the rods. Curtains I was so proud of. I had picked boysenberries to pay for the curtains. You know most of us are likely to save things. Things we may need at some time. I had two pretty gowns and a robe plus a pair of house shoes that I was saving just in case I would ever have to go to the hospital. Sheets and towels in case we had company. Foolish, foolish. I said I would never save things like that again. What ever I had I would use. I will admit I have a gown or two plus a robe, “just in case”. At my age one never knows,even if I know I would wear a hospital gown ,If I went to the hospital. The people at the Court House saw my house go higher than the tree tops then explode. Most of it fell between the Court House and John Mayo’s store. In the picture I can see some of the windows of the Court House with shreds of the venetian blinds hanging. It is strange that I can’t remember finding a book or even being by that pile of what was once my house. In looking at the picture Jane found what appears to be a bra hanging from my arm. I really don’t know what I picked up. I was told that one of my slips was found in John Mayo’s store wedged between shelves and some of my underwear had to be cut off of Ollie Hocott’s car parked in front of the store. I want to thank Dustin for the picture because when I really look at it I realize more and more that God really was protecting the people of Greenwood. And I know that had Mr. Palmer let me go home from school early I would most likely been under that pile of trees, flooring and roof. A picture can certainly make you realize how BLESSED YOU ARE.