The hope and terrifying claim of Christianity is that God responds to our needs to result in our good. If you have never been ashamed of yourself, you have never understood your true condition. But God knows, and God sees. Be sure your sins will find you out. We should not covet our sins; we must come to hate them and realize a new birth, born again, born from above, controlled by the Spirit. “Reckon the body to be dead because of sin but alive unto God in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 6:11.)

And so is found answer to the question, Why the attraction to His Arrival? Why did multitudes swarm to Jesus? What did they see in Him? What did they hope to gain? The crowds kept following and hearing, loving and fearing, (or hating), Jesus. Yes, they were being fed and healed, but surely they were like we are today, aware of their wrongness, of their moral failures, of their badness; ashamed. Was healing for those things possible? The hell the Jews of the 1st century feared was not eternal flame but eternal shadow, becoming a soul shade in the cold, dark and damp Sheol. This arrival, Jesus, held out answers to deepest needs, hope for joy, freedom, and contentment. “At present we are on the outside of the world, the wrong side of the door. But there is a rumor in scripture that it will not always be so. Someday, we shall get in.” (C. S. Lewis)

Atonement. They knew the blood of sheep and goats did nothing for their conscience. It was in these they sought payment for their sins but ever felt the weight of guilt. The holiest of them sensed there was no real justice served by slaying the best of the flock for their own morbidity of heart. Atonement. They wanted a do over but each day only added to their load. They needed a covering, a healing, a cleansing, a reconciling with their Creator. They were guilty. Shame told them that. There was no remedy for tomorrow’s remorse. Experience told them that. But something about this person Jesus was different. His words carried weight and authority. “The Words that I speak unto thee, they are Spirit and they are Life.” (John 6:63)

The good news which smote them was that God loved them, their first and great need and God forgave them, their second great need. Their act of repentance allowed them to receive these graces and know what it was to be joyously free of guilt. Their needs Jesus hilariously met. They knew they did not deserve nor merit such marvelous love, kindness, and longsuffering, but this passing flash of shame was quickly annihilated and surpassed by wondrous thanksgiving and praise to the Lamb of God. “Heaven will solve our problems… and notions will all be knocked from under our feet… and disarming simplicity found to be the real answer.” (Dr. Lewis.)

Repentance - a change of heart and mind; Confession - of sin and knot-headedness, and acknowledgement of need is found of grace and a new found desire to follow and obey the Lord and His teachings. Yes, crucifying the flesh discomforts us. Yielding your life to Jesus can initially be a little scary. Growing in grace and knowledge requires major changes of habit. Learning to do good is more than imagined but is trained of fruits cheerfully borne such as love, joy, peace, et al, slowly replacing immaturity, sarcasm, criticism, and disdain. Scripture teaches three things about His next arrival. It is certain, no one knows when, and we must be ready. “God, hilaskomai to me a sinner.” (Luke 18:13.)