Children believe in an objective good. “God is great; God is good, Let us thank Him for our food, Amen.” Adults may think that is too simple. Jesus treats the thought as profound. Did you know? The more complex the theology, the more it departs from the gospel’s disarming simplicity. Complexity does not equal spirituality. Did you know? “God is love and delights in men. He is not less than this. What more He is we will gladly spend eternity discovering.” (Doctor Lewis) Did you know? Divine justice doesn’t require mercy to be postponed, and divine mercy does not prohibit justice (just deserts) from being served. Did you know? The Father has no contradictory attributes, nothing that gives him pause, nothing that causes schism between Himself and the Son and the Holy Spirit. When we talk about God, we do not have to speak absurdities or nonsense. Contradictions cannot both be true and the Bible contradicts neither rationality nor reality. Did you know? God has lent to us the dignity of causality through our action and prayers. Did you know? If you will listen to your own prayers, they will reveal much about what you believe. It is hard to pray illusions to God. It is impossible to pray for what is believed unobtainable. Did you know President Abraham Lincoln once said, “I hope God is on my side, but I must have Kentucky?”

Did you know? Creation involved direct and purposeful action. Did you know? The opening chapters of Genesis are very condensed. Did you know? Human volition was granted with full foreknowledge and preparation. Did you know? Our first parents, before they fell, knew good and what evil would be. Did you know that through the experience of disobeying God and deifying self, they came to know evil and what good ought to be? Disobedience bequeathed death, to dust again. The fall of man, exactly.

Did you know that God is love and love is good and that in an age where child sacrifice was not uncommon, Abraham believed God was good enough and loving enough that all would be okay with the dreadful call to offer Isaac? Did you know that because of Calvary, the call will never be repeated?

Did you know? Bad things are aroused by the Law, not created by it. Did you know the Law is Holy and just and good and is our schoolmaster leading us to Christ? Did you know the Word of God will harden closed hearts? Did you know? We live in a real world with real lives, real faults, real issues, all of which God cares about. Did you know? Every human being has innate worth and dignity. Did you know that in our journey towards God, in our passage toward belief in His promises, He allows us to start from where we are? Did you know witnessing is a commitment to friendship and a wish for fellowship? Did you know the poor wish to be seen, heard, acknowledged and remembered; often presenting them-selves as justified, proud, confused, and self-pitying, for the sake of being affirmed they are worthy?

Did you know selection in nature is sometimes good and sometimes not? Nature is oftentimes beautiful, always indifferent, and uncommonly spoiled. Did you know people named as specially chosen by God are for the sake of the unchosen and that their sufferings are great? Mary was a woman of tremendous anguish, and Jesus was a man of sorrows.

Did you know? Perfect love casts out fear, but so do alcohol, ignorance, passion, arrogance, and stupidity. Did you know that love is found in common places? Places like where your three year old granddaughter is chasing her puppy round and round in the autumn leaf pile. Love is thick there.