OES Notepad

by Fred Mullen

Training is an on-going challenge for responders. Classes, online classes, independent study, etc. Some of our volunteer firefighters, medical first responders and SAR team members attend over 100 hours per year of training. Our ham radio operators and storm spotters have monthly training, and, some annual classes and exercises. EMTs and LEOs have annual minimum requirements for training. I am very proud to be able to work with these folks to help serve the citizens of Franklin County.

The Hazard Materials Awareness Level (8 hour) is Thursday September 6 and Friday September 7 beginning each evening at 1800 hours. The class will be held at the Watalula Fire Station. I will be the instructor for this class and will need to order books. If you want to attend give me a call at 479-209-0818 so I can order enough books. No pre-registration with ADEM is required.

The Wildland Firefighting Class (8 hours) will be Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 beginning each evening at 1800 hours. The class will be held at the Ozark Fire Station #1. Contact for the class is Ranger II Benny Lowery. You can call Benny at 479-667-4111.

Our EMS folks are hosting something sorta new for our area— a Workplace Defense Training Class. The class will begin on Friday, September 28 at 8:30 AM and run till 3:30 PM. The class is open to responders and the public. This is a lecture and demonstration class only with no hands-on activity, so no special equipment is needed. Watch and listen to local media the next couple of weeks for updates on location.

SAFETY REMINDER—always wear eye protection when operating power equipment such as saws, grinders, leaf blowers, drills, etc. Be level headed, not cock-eyed!