The call is much older than we, much older than sky or blue sea.

No corner was it never heard yet beast was not present nor bird

when Angels in wonder stood by.

Too holy for tears to be shed, inconceivable sounds struck flat notes.

Knowing what remained far ahead, sudden hushes escaped from the throats

of Angels forbidden to cry.

But one in the crowd rose up bold. A lost beauty, dressed thickly for cold

with face grimaced, red fur all askew, swearing noise upon anything new…Says he,

“Myriad Angels might marvel, not I.”

The story continued as Shouted and whatever the darkened one hurled,

strong pillars of virtue wed mighty with fended white flags quick unfurled

by Angels released now to fly.

The call is much older than we, much older than sky or blue sea.

No corner was it never heard and beast felt the conflict and bird

And lost nature had nowhere to hide.

Anon, crowns upon heads of men gleaming, are cast at His feet, glory streaming. The wounds that He bore fully mended and Creations sigh fully ended

And Angels now know of the why

of the scars on His hands, feet, and side.

Good news of great joy was extended to all one day in historical space-time because of a baby born in Bethlehem. The babe was the Christ, the incarnate Eternal Son of God, come to restore and to save. The babe was named Jesus meaning, ‘God is our salvation’, and the angel told Joseph that He would save His people from their sins. He grew to manhood and began his ministry preaching repentance while confessing himself the Way the Truth and the Life. True personhood begins to emerge and freedom and liberty are sharply outlined as His call is heeded and believed and selves are turned outward to a life of obedience unto His Lordship and service and love extended to Him and our fellow man. Payday someday will come when good things lost are restored, good things never gained are bestowed, and all else be gone, banished, or burned away. A dynamic becoming is the sort of perfection appropriate for fallen creatures made in the image of a perfect God. Home at last, it is okay to foresee ourselves thus perfected in Him. Resurrection, restoration, bestowal, everlasting vibrant unfolding of the Beatitude of the Person of God; does that sound like heaven? His Glory of Being will never be exhausted. Our very name, newly received from God, will make a unique, particular comment about Him to our neighbors. God will either see to our perfection, or with mercy and justice served, acknowledge an unwelcome resistance to holiness and confirm the wish to be so, Amen. Finality must come. Meanwhile, with our feet still on the earth we are each a very small piece of a very large picture. Few are called to do a great work but many are called to do small ones. All Christians are called to serve and committed Christians want to. It is not required to know what your spiritual gift of service is, so not to worry. Nothing hinders you from just rolling up your sleeves and diving in and offering yourself a “living sacrifice,” to God, (Romans 12:1) and begin serving your Lord and fellow man. You will soon find yourself nestled comfortably in the niche you were created for using a gift of grace marvelously granted you to glorify Jesus and edify His church.