For several years I have been sending cards to people I know or know of. I’ve sent GET WELL cards to the sick, THINKING OF YOU cards to those I know might be having a bad time, sending a MISSING YOU message to someone who had been missing church brought them back to church as they realize that they were missed. To brighten someone’s day with a card has been such a blessing to me. As we enter this New Year may we remember others who need a friendly reminder that they are loved and thought about. I want to share one of Mama’s New Year’s columns written in 1972.

“Here we stand at the threshold of a New Year. The page of 1971 has been turned. A whole year of nice clean white pages lie before us. What shall we write thereon?

I once read that one cannot out give God. So one year I tried that out. I kept a record on the back of a calendar. When I did something for someone I marked it a gift to God. When someone did something for me I marked a gift from God. l I really went all out in that race but I fell far behind. I never had so many lovely surprises in one year,

One year I decided to write a letter each week to the person who had been my greatest inspiration that week. l Imagine the surprise and lift when the person unaware had merited the letter.

I shall never forget the little Mr. Smith who always wore overshoes. How his eyes twinkled next time I met him after he had received the letter. His smile was always an inspiration. There was a time I attended open house at the cabin that Halton Stewart and his Boy Scouts had built on Vasche Grasse. I was an unobserved observer as Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, with their first born child, came up the path. They stopped and so carefully and tenderly adjusted the shade over the baby not knowing that their happiness was showing,. I saw the love of husband and wife, father and mother all in one that started a melody in my heart that was the high light of that week. I treasure a letter I received from the late Mrs. McCollough after she had received my letter.

The Methodist Missionary Society used to have an unknown friend for the year which was a spirit lifter. The year I was the unknown friend of the late Mrs. Thad Wallace what fun it was to have a hot dish on her table when she came from work or fresh vegetables from my garden. It cost me nothing and she appreciated it so much. It is the little things that count the most.

When Tom Johnson was a lad he habitually said, “Howdy” when he met you. But, it was strictly a howdy for you and you went on your way walking a little bit taller. Now he is Dr. Johnson. There is no telling how many friendly twinkling howdys are stored away in the memory of Greenwood people. Howdys that are still warm after all these years. It takes so little to bring happiness to you. Try it out in this year 1972.”