Cheer sign-ups dates are:

June 13 - 10 am to 7 pm

June 14 - 10 am to 5 pm

June 15 - 10 am to 2 pm

· Children MUST be going into Kindergarten in 20013/2013 school year

· Cheerleaders will be required to wear no-show socks and white tennis shoes at games

· You are required to go to all games in town and out of town until the play-offs are done

· Attendance at practices will be REQUIRED in order to participate in the half-time dance at games unless prior notice is provided

· Parents are encouraged to stay and watch or participate at practices

· Parents are Asked to stay at the games that their Cheerleader is cheering at.

· We do most communicating with Facebook and email and text message . Please provide an email address to us that you check regularly. Like our facebook page so that you get all the updates and changes for your cheerleader.

· The cheerleaders will ride in the Homecoming parade. If you have a truck or trailer that can be used please let your cheer coach know.

· Cheerleaders must wear tennis shoes to practice and camp. No Flip-flops

· Cheerleaders are not allowed to be on their cell phones during practice or camp

· Your Cheer Coach will inform you at practice when uniforms are ready to be picked up.

· Cheerleaders will wear the camp outfit to the Black and White Game.

· All Squads are getting new uniforms




· The Uniform Cost is $44.99 for K -6th Grade. This includes only your uniform.


· Camp Wear (optional) Tank Top is $11.99 Shorts are $17

· Hair Bow (optional) $15 This bow is optional but if you wear a bow it must be this one.

· Bloomers $8.00

· Prior to the start of the season we will have a 3 day cheerleading camp July 29th, 30th and August 1st for all of the girls. It will be conducted by the Charleston Senior High Tiger Cheerleaders. The cost of this camp is $10 per child

I need some volunteers to help. Please call me or call if you would be able to help this year

Will we do a homecoming this year.

Please Call me if you have any questions or concerns