It was her first and possibly last homerun of the season, but that one time at bat helped put Lavaca Softball on the map. first baseman Haley Brown’s big hit secured the Lady Arrows’ place in school history as the outright conference champs. They have previously shared the title with Mansfield.

"It was awesome!" #00 recalled. "I realized it was going over when the center fielder turned and looked at me, and everyone in the dugout and in the stands started going crazy. I looked at my dad, and he had his hands up. Then, he started chasing my home run ball as soon as it went over the fence."

Girls Coach Brian Schlinker says it could have been a very different season had the girls not stuck together to finish the regular season 22 and 2, 13-1 in conference.

"We had an early season loss to rival Mansfield, and we could have folded there and been a good team, not a great team," Schlinker reflected. "They kept working and kept their minds focused on that goal."

But Schlinker isn’t letting his team take time to celebrate going into regionals.

"The second season has started," he said matter-of-factly. "You can’t take anyone lightly whether it’s a one seed or a four seed. You’re playing the best of the best from here on out. They’ve set a goal for themselves to win state. They have to maintain focus each and every game."

Meanwhile, his team is confident in their ability to go up against the best.

"I knew we had it in us," #9 center fielder Whitney Brown said. " All we had to do was break through. We played as a team, and we played our best. We came ready."

Meanwhile, the boys baseball team recently finished as the number three seed in their conference this season—good enough to earn them a place at the regional plate; and it was hard earned according to coach Lance Tucker. The boys won against Atkins in extra innings, making them 8 and 6 in conference.

"I thought we were going to win once I hit the home run in the bottom of the 6th," #7 Coby Graves explained. "That put us in the lead 2 to 1. We just needed three outs."

But that wouldn’t happen, pushing the two teams into an extra inning.

"It’s tough because we didn’t hit the ball. We hit two solo homeruns early and didn’t do much after that. We ended up pushing one across [at the end]," Tucker said with relief.

Now, at the season’s end, Tucker is pretty proud of what his team has accomplished out on the diamond.

"They are real young but talented. They have improved," he bragged. "They’ve gotten better each game. Every once in a while we play like the young kids we are, but all in all it’s a good group."

The boys and girls played the first round of regionals Monday, May 6th in Greenland. LHS girl’s softball played Green Forest. LHS boys baseball played Greenland on their home field,