Alli and Jake: 'The Twins'

Mark Green
Mark Green

If you have followed high school basketball in west central Arkansas over the last few years, then you probably have heard of “The Twins.” That term refers to Jacob and Allison Green, who were very successful over a period of several years both in the home school ranks and in class 3A playing for Charleston. They happen to have been my grandchildren, so I can provide a little of the inside story concerning their careers.

The story of the twins starts with the trip that their mother, Ashlie, made to the office where Adam worked. She did not normally go to the plant, so he knew that this time it was something important. She handed him a photograph that obviously was an ultrasound of the contents of her womb, since she had a doctor’s appointment that day. He said that her face was white as a sheet. Having no experience in interpreting ultrasounds, he made the appropriate comments that young fathers are supposed to make in such circumstances.

 “Adam, look at it!” What made the picture unusual was that it was of two babies. Jacob weighed 5-pounds, 7 ounces and was able to go home after five days. Allison, however, weighed 3 pounds, 14 ounces and had to stay in the hospital for three weeks. Those were anxious days, but she turned out very well.

For most of their basketball careers, Jake and Alli and their older brother, Michael, played for the Fort Smith Patriots homeschool team. In 2016, they managed to get a game against the Arkoma Public Schools team, who had been the champions of their conference the year before. When they ran into the Patriots, however, things turned out a little differently. With Michael running the offense at point guard, the Patriots beat the Mustangs by 50 points, dominating every facet of the game.

The next year, the Patriots won the Class 1A National HomeSchool title. Jacob drove the length of the court to throw up the winning teardrop shot that fell through as the buzzer went off.

In Michael’s senior season and the twins’ junior and senior years, they played for Charleston. The Tigers were among the better programs in the area and routinely went deep into the postseason. The highlight came in Alli’s junior season, when she was a versatile starter for the team that won the Class 3A State Championship. And here the story gets even more complicated.

The MVP of Charleston's state championship team was Hattie Newhart. Having been taught well by his grandfather in the matter of identifying high-quality womenfolk, Michael knew a beautiful winner when he saw one and in May of 2020 he signed her up for a lifetime contract. Thus, Hattie took on the weighty office of senior granddaughter-in-law, which she has filled admirably.

But the story of interwoven, interscholastic connections is not yet finished. Lavaca has long been an archrival of Charleston, being just down the road. Having also been well-taught by his grandfather, Jacob made a well-timed raid across the school district line and secured the matrimonial futures contract for the May 2021 delivery of lovely Miss Hannah Parsons, who was a talented starter for the Golden Arrows volleyball team when they were state runners-up.

The moral to this story? It does not matter what sport they played or what school they played for, as long as they are willing to pamper the old man of the clan. (Good planning will pay off eventually.)